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Professional Digital Video Production Services

ADV Creative.

That's our new name since we decided that the name that has served us for the last 24 years, Video Tape Production Services, was a tad out dated. In this digital production world, video tape is no longer the standard.

But name notwithstanding, there is one fact that remains true. (Video Tape Production Services) ADV Creative has been providing professional video production services throughout the Intermountain west for more than three decades.

Our experience ranges from the cumbersome and primitive black and white live studio-bound technology of the 60's, to the vibrant and portable High Definition color of today.

Whether providing services as producer, director, videographer, writer, technician,
audio tech, lighting technician, editor, CD/DVD author, voice talent or simply 'gopher', our knowledge embodies every facet of the video production experience.

Given that background, you may be assured of consistent high quality in all aspects
of the production process.

From long term documentation, sales presentations, internet training materials, industrial and corporate communications, testimonials, web video, whatever you need, we can deliver.

On time. On topic. On Budget.

Watch our Quick Look.
This brief reel includes short segments taken from
recently commissioned web based sales and training presentations,
a shot sequence taken from a long term documentation project,
still photography, novelty items
such as time lapse photography and specialized videography
of the annular eclipse that was visible in the
Salt Lake Valley as a partial event,
3D animation and other miscellaneous bits of visual interest.

(We would be delighted to make a custom Quick Look
for your company. Call us today for details!