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Professional Digital Video Production Services
Here are answers to some of the questions
we are often, or if you prefer, 'frequently' asked.

Moon rising over Vally of the Gods Bed and Breakfast imageDo you do weddings?
No. Weddings are best left to family members. But we will help with questions about editing, authoring and duplication.

Can we use our videos on the web?
Yes. In fact video on the internet is becoming a standard. From testimonials to product demonstrations,
training materials and more, it's all within your reach. Contact us for more information.

Can you transfer old tape to DVD?
Yes we can. If you have standard VHS, 3/4 inch and Beta or BetaSP we can help. If your tape is consumer beta, Sony Hi8 or Hi8 digital, MII or other, we can help if you have a corresponding player of your own. For more information contact us.

Will you travel out of the Salt Lake area?
Yes. Travel is often a necessary part of the production process. Given the difficulty
and prohibitive cost of air travel, we prefer to drive to remote locations. Driving keeps us in control, is much more relaxing for the crew and ensures that all of the equipment needed gets to the job and is in one piece, but does require a bit more advance planning.

Do you work in High Definition?
Yes. We can provide High Definition or Standard Definition raw footage, and can edit either.

Do you own all of your equipment?
Yes. We have everything we need to get the job done. From matched cameras to a full compliment of lighting equipment scrims and reflectors,to the most frequently needed audio equipment. If a specialty piece of equipment is required, we will simply rent it. If it is something we might need again and is priced correctly, we will consider purchasing it for the job.

An onion blossom in early summer imageCan you make copies of CDs and DVDs?
Yes, if they are yours. It is against the law to duplicate copyrighted material. That means we won't  be able to copy your favorite movie for you.

Can you work with our historical video?
Yes. Anything that you can actually see, like older tape, old film, still photos, posters letters, newspapers etc. can be converted into a format that will work with your video project.

How much does a Video cost?
There is no real answer to that. One friend answers the question with a question of his own. "How long is a piece of string?" The answer is the always useful "It depends". In other words, every project is different. All require the same set of skills, but each offers it own set of challenges. It is best to consider each project on it's own.

How long does it take to make a video?
Again, there is no definitive answer. It, well, "it just depends." It depends on the nature of the project, scripting, available assets, schedules, approvals, talent,  and on and on. Adapting a PowerPoint presentation to video is less time consuming than an on location safety training for a trucking company. A deadline can be established, and worked toward, and always met. Sometimes though, meeting a deadline also means accepting compromise. But that is largely up to the laws of the in Murphy's law; to wit..if anything can go wrong, it probably will.

How much do you charge?
We prefer to make bids for each job based on the particulars associated with that job.

Can you get still images from video?
Yes. The resolution is not as high as an image from a DSLR, but is often suitable
for many applications both print and web use.

Can I put a powerpoint onto video?
Yes. there are several effective ways to convert a powerpoint. Contact us for the particulars

We realize you may have a question that is not here, so we encourage you to
contact us. We will do two things. First, we'll answer your question, and then add it to our FAQ list. We look forward to hearing from you.

On time. On topic. On Budget.